sazón y tradición


el sazón de la morena
On 27 October 1970, begins operations the new organization “Productos Alimenticios La Morena, S.A.", whose name honors the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patroness of the Mexican people.

From September 8, 1970, the operations of this new organization have remained continuously and increasingly, based through a strong and exemplary philosophy established by its founders and emphasizing certain values that are identified with respect to the human being, tradition and attachment to religion.

Under this framework the company´s directives, undertakes new strategies trying to arrange modern business plans that allow then to face significant challenges, such as the opening of new markets, changing administrative and social structures, informatics technology edge, simplified organizational structures, based on the quality and competitiveness of products; all of it due to the era of globalization.

Currently, LA MORENA employs more than 1,800 workers, distributed in two production plants of approximately 43,000 square meters with 20 production lines, located in Rafael Lara Grajales, Puebla and Huamantla, Tlaxcala. LA MORENA team works hard daily to meet the expectations of our customers, through our products.

“Quality and Tradition¨ as a slogan identifies the objective and the mission of the company, the philosophy of its directives has led to a major turnover of direct benefit for the personnel and indirectly to the population of the geographical area where its located, constantly contributing to social and humanitarian projects in support of the community and residents of the Region, earning the recognition and appreciation of the general population. Its career has been relevant and successful, we just simply have to watch the business development and growth of its infrastructure to the new challenges assumed through the cultural change in their organization.

For more than 45 years of work, Productos Alimenticios La Morena has preserved its products with the traditional flavor of Mexican food, which are produced in processes where the Manual Labor is the main factor for transformation the raw material, accumulating experience for not modifying the original recipes and offer products of the highest quality, tradition and flavor.